Recommended Brokers

There are 1000's of brokers all over the world. Some are very serious with billions of dollars in turnover everyday. Large corporations, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms trust their large fund accounts and rely on their professionality, technology and overall stability and longevity.

On the other hand, there are several new broker firms popping up that we have very little information or experience with and the question is if we can rely on them and trust our money with them?

On this page we can share information on our experiences with brokers, about which ones to avoid and why - and especially the one's we have good experience with, so we know with whom to go with, when we want to persuit our trading and investment objectives.

EU citizens have experienced restrictions in leverage that EU brokers may offer it's retail clients. Earlier they could have e.g. 1:500 leverage, but after the new regulations after 2018 leverage was lowered to 1:30 which made it more dangerous and harder to trade, in our opinion, sabotaging most of our high performing algorithms.

However, it's a wrong idea that EU citizens cannot get high leverage anymore, professionals can still have high leverage. But how about the regular retail clients? Can we still get high leverage? Well, there is a way, we found out...

The opportunity still exists outside of EU. It's more like that the brokers outside EU are not supposed to openly offer high leverage to EU citizens, but if you ask for higher leverage you can get it legally. However, in this case you should not choose the brokers regulating agency to be the EU's (ESMA) but some other like the Australian (ASIC), like in the case with ICMarkets from Australia.

We will in another blog post give more examples of why and how 1:30 leverage has made it harder and even more dangerous to trade, in opposition to what perhaps the official justification has been to the implementation of the new regulations - "to protect retail traders funds".

Currently recommended Forex Brokers - and why?


ICMarkets - According to their presentation they are the largest broker in the world, not looking at the number of clients, but its more professional clientels turnover of over 150 Billion USD per day.

Indeed ICMarkets are a highly recommended broker by many professional traders we know. They have a dedicated 24/7 support staff to offer fast support around the world - by online chat or email etc.

If you like to use any of our services like EA or Robot signals with this broker, you should use this link to register and be linked to us. If you are already a client with ICMarkets then you will need to contact chat or email support and tell them that you would like to be linked to IB 45694.

We would trust ICMarkets with larger accounts like 10,000, 100,000 USD or more, or equivalent value.

We would run what we would call Low Risk or Safe Algos and Strategies on such large accounts, with moderate profits on a stable and trusted platform like tihs. 


LQDFX logo

LQDFX - Is a realtively new kid on the block and a smaller broker, compared to ICMarkets. Their platform has worked very well with our Algos, Strategies and Robots/EA's. 

To use our services and algos with this broker, e.g. for signals, you need to register with LQDFX.

If you are already a client with LQDFX you will need to contact their support and ask to be connected to us with our LQDFX IB ID: HsdyEP

From our experience, something we could not interpret by their websites information, nor did anyone else inform us, we could withdraw the funds we deposited the same as it came, by card to our home bank. But, the profits could not be withdrawn to ordinary fiat currencies (USD, EUR, SEK etc). In the end we understood that profits can only be withdrawn to BitCoin, which we initially didn't like. However, it is not much of a problem to convert BTC to USD, EUR, SEK or whatever you use in your country.

So why use such a broker, where you need to make withdrawals via BTC? Well, for us BTC is not so interesting as an investment, but there is a very important advantage... 

The point with this broker is that we can have 1:500 leverage AND a good Margin Stopout Level which allows our strategy to have large but calculated drawdowns that are ok with us, which allows us the possibility to invest relativelly small money, and take a risk to make impressive or unheard of profits in just days and weeks, which is just not possible with brokers like ICMarkets, which will with their Margin Stopout Level interfere with our trading and stopout (close) our trades already at an 50% drawdown, which sabotages our High Risk strategy, that made 2200% in a little over 3 weeks.

Read more here how our Super profitable algo called FX-WillaRD3 made over 2200% or 22X on every invested dollar extremely fast. Never heard of anything like it. Our Real account deposited with $500 reached over $11000 in profit in less than a month. The potiential is even more. Read about it...

With LQDFX and their system we recommend using if you have smaller amounts to invest and risk, like $500-1000 or perhaps up to $10000-25000. At 25k they offer account with more advantages like lower spreads etc.

This broker is recommended or is even a must for our High Risk settings, which are made possible here.

There is of course no guarantee that we will always make profits and never loose in the future, just because we historically has made very good profits so far with this broker and our strategy. There's simple no guarantees in life. Who knows what events may happen in the world in the future or how the markets will react at all times in the unknown.

Please read up on these brokers yourself and make up your own decisions if these are something for you to use.

Happy trading & may you improve your life, others and world with your extra good, ethical investments.